Why You Need An HVAC Maintenance Contract

Product Information

hvac maintenance contractIf you’ve used the services of a local HVAC company then you’ve probably been offered an AC maintenance contract. An HVAC maintenance contract comes with a multitude of benefits to the health and proper operation of your AC unit. However, not all maintenance contracts are built the same. Each contract is different depending on the company and the type of services needed. Modern Air & Refrigeration is here to provide you with an introduction into the HVAC maintenance contract world including the pros and cons to guide your decision making.

What is an HVAC Maintenance Contract?

A typical HVAC maintenance contract comes with a bi-annual maintenance schedule automatically built in. Your local Sarasota HVAC contractor will schedule this maintenance to occur on a regular basis to keep your AC system operating optimally. In addition to maintenance, the contract usually includes discounts on additional services and components. The overall goal of a maintenance contract is to head off any issues your AC might have during its operation. Furthermore it reduces your cost barrier when extra services are required to keep your AC humming along.

What is Included in an HVAC Maintenance Contract?

Modern Air & Refrigeration takes your maintenance contract very serious. We go above and beyond with a contract that includes quarterly “precision tune ups” to catch any potential issues long before they cause any interruption in your AC operation. If we identify an issue we don’t leave you with a hefty bill, our maintenance contract includes a 10% discount on all repairs. We won’t charge you for overtime since we understand that your problem comes first, not how long it takes to solve it. It’s the source of our Sarasota HVAC motto “problem solved”.

Modern Air goes beyond maintenance when it comes to its typical HVAC maintenance contract. Subscribers also receive priority dispatch 24/7 to keep your AC running regardless of when you experience an issue. And finally we understand that AC service can be disruptive to your home or business. We offer flexible service scheduling at your convenience as part of your maintenance contract.

The Risks of Not Having a Maintenance Contract

We have espoused the importance of maintaining your AC to save on heating and air costs as well as repairs. An unmaintained AC unit can potentially break down at any point leading to potentially thousands of dollars in maintenance costs. If you’re a business or a cost conscious homeowner, the risks of a breakdown far outweigh the costs of a maintenance contract.

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