My AC Won’t Turn On

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AC Won't Turn OnThe worst has happened; your AC won’t turn on. Where do you go from here? If you’re like most homeowners panic has fully set in. You’re scratching your head trying to find the phone number of the last reliable HVAC company you dealt with for a hurried phone call. But fear not. Put that phone down for now and check out Modern Air & Refrigeration’s troubleshooting tips for an air conditioning unit that won’t turn on. If these tips fail, you then reach out to a local trusted HVAC contractor for help.

AC Power Issues

This tip might seem obvious to some but not all. Check your circuit breaker for your AC’s section. Often the huge amounts of complicated electronics that consist of a central AC system don’t mesh well with an electric setup that might not be in tip-top shape. If this turns out to be why your AC won’t turn on great! It’s now time to call an electrician. Unless there were extenuating circumstances, such as a storm, a circuit breaker tripping might be an indicator of a more serious problem either with your HVAC system or the electric lines in your home. Either situation leaves you at risk of much more serious consequences than a hot or cold home from an unpowered AC unit.

Air Filter Woes

Your AC system comes with several built-in safety features to keep your air circulating in a safe and expedient manner inside your home. One of these features could be the reason why your AC won’t turn on. If your air filter is too clogged to allow the proper operation of your HVAC system, it may automatically turn off. A clogged air filter can lead to a host of problems ranging from a broken AC system to a fire in the most extreme of circumstances. Your air conditioner relies on this important component to keep not only your air clean but its own operations running smoothly as well.

The Thermostat Chronicles

The thermostat is the access point you most interact with when it comes to your AC system. Depending on the type of thermostat you have the breakdown in your AC’s operation could be here. Check to see if the lights are on if you have an electronic thermostat. If you have an older electromechanical thermostat, keep in mind that these need regular cleanings to operate properly. Check the batteries and power connection, again depending on your thermostat type, and make sure that they are properly connected.

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