Because it’s one of the most important cAir Filter Problemsomponents of your home’s air conditioning system, air filter problems can lead to expensive damages to your HVAC system, and in extreme cases complete system failure. The air filter is also your first line of defense on any issues your AC might be facing. In this article, we will outline the top three common causes of constant air filter problems to inform you of the steps you should take to rectify the issue before it aggravates into expensive repairs.

AC Fan Mode Set to “On”

The most common cause of air filter problems is a simple setting on your thermostat. Common HVAC thermostats have two settings for the fan; AUTO or ON. Setting the AC to ON leads the fan to run regardless of whether the system is set to cool or warm. This is unnecessary to the proper operation of your AC as it will lead to your air filter wearing out prematurely. The ON setting is reserved for abnormal conditions such as an air contaminant in your home and not recommended for regular AC use.

Cheap Air Conditioning Air Filter Problems

Among the list of air filter problems that can be fixed instantly is the foolish practice of buying cheap or subpar air filters. You don’t need to break the bank with the most expensive filter available, but at the same time, you shouldn’t go to the bargain bin for your air filter. Fiber glass filters, for example, are rated to last just 30 days compared to their high performance counterparts at 90 days. Contrasted to the risk a cheap air filter presents to your HVAC system, the temporary cost savings are not worth the potential long term expenses.

Air Filter Problems: Mold

From the good to the bad, mold is one of the worst air filter problems you may run into. Mold will present itself on your air filter as black spots, commonly known as mold spores. Mold is usually caused by a leak or a clog somewhere along the duct work of the HVAC system. If you find these spots, don’t panic! Contact your local Sarasota HVAC contractor to confirm that it is indeed mold. Once it is confirmed there are several steps you can take to identify and fix the cause.

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