What’s it Like Working for Modern Air & Refrigeration?

Product Information

working for modern airWe are delighted that you would ask. Since 1999 we have been committed to delivering excellence in customer service to our clients in Bradenton, Sarasota, and Anna Maria areas. We serve commercial and residential clients with various services form air conditioning to heating to refrigeration and ice machines. You want to work for us because we have an awesome work atmosphere where you’ll truly feel like you are among family. Working for Modern Air & Refrigeration is a one-of-a-kind experience that will enrich not only your professional life but your personal life as well.

Modern Air Work Atmosphere

At Modern Air and Refrigeration, leadership and innovation come naturally. Our team constantly transforms to meet the changing landscape of the marketplace, serving customers with quality service, installations, and products. It continues today with innovations that consistently reinvent the business and our team as we strive for raising our standards for quality, safety, and sustainability. Working for Modern Air will push the limits of your abilities to achieve your potential.

Teamwork While Working for Modern Air & Refrigeration

Modern Air & Refrigeration believes that a team without spirit is a dead team. We encourage a cooperative atmosphere by ensuring you receive the proper support necessary for you to excel at your job. We offer training opportunities to improve your abilities, office perks that keep you fueled throughout your day, and a dedicated administrative staff that cares about your well-being beyond being an employee. Our continued success in the Sarasota area can be closely linked to our treatment of our employees. You are our representation to our clients and our business, your happiness commensurate with our happiness.

Competitive Rewards

What’s a team without adequate motivation? Although we are huge believers in intrinsic motivation, we are well-aware that life necessitates adequate compensation. We closely follow the philosophy that you get what you pay for. This translates to the compensation we provide our staff. Your pay will match your experience while exceeding local rates to ensure we keep you as a long term employee. We have a long-term view of our operations in this area, and for that we will need the right team. We offer numerous commission and bonus opportunities to give you the chance to earn above your standard rate.

What are you waiting for? Visit our careers section to find out how you too can get started working for Modern Air & Refrigeration.  Or call Modern Air and Refrigeration’s 24/7 line at (941) 404-7557 or send us a quick message.