3 Tips to Choosing the Right Commercial HVAC Provider

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commercial hvac providerThere is a huge difference between choosing an HVAC contractor for your home, and selecting one for your business. For starters residential A/C units are only a fraction of the complexity of their commercial counterparts. Furthermore, in most cases a commercial HVAC contractor operates on a contractual basis adding further trepidation to the decision of choosing a trusted HVAC contractor. Sarasota has several options for your commercial HVAC provider needs but how can you be sure you picked the right one? Modern Air &Refrigeration has 3 key tips to help you make the right choice, the first time.

Commercial HVAC Provider Licensing and Insurance

You cannot even consider a commercial HVAC provider without the right licensing and insurance. Florida law requires contractors to be insured and licensed to operate for consumer protection. Considering or even pursing a contractor without a license puts your HVAC system’s warranty at risk of being void, can risk your business insurance coverage, and has potential to cause you issues should you run into problems with any repairs done by an unlicensed service. Needless to say this is a precarious position you cannot afford for your business concerns.

Commercial HVAC Provider Experience

Experience, experience, and furthermore experience. You may be able to do a few days in your home without your heating and cooling unit functioning. In a commercial environment, however, this means a stoppage in business costing you thousands in lost revenue. The difference between risking potential downtime and expedient service is experience. You cannot risk hiring a commercial HVAC provider with little to no experience in the hopes of shaving off a few pennies from your repair costs. Vet your contractor by calling past clients, asking them for past experiences with HVAC units similar to yours, and checking their business operation history.

Response Time is Key

At the end of the day, a great service from a great commercial HVAC provider means nothing if they can’t reach you in time. This is especially true in our great city of Sarasota. Every minute when your A/C is down could potentially spell the loss of merchandise in the thousands of dollars. Take into consideration licenses, insurance, experience but most importantly how fast can your HVAC contractor get to you. How available are they to service your needs at a moment’s notice? Make sure to vet any potential service for their response times to your specific location.

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