Air Condition Preventative Maintenance Checklist

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air condition preventative maintenanceWhen was the last time you bought or fixed your air condition unit? Was it a pleasant experience? If you’re like us at Modern Air & Refrigeration Sarasota you would rather not spend thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements to your HVAC system anytime soon. That’s why we have put together a handy list of air condition preventative maintenance guide for you to apply to your system to keep it running smoothly, efficiently, and most importantly as long as possible.

Air Condition Preventative Maintenance Saves you Money

Air condition preventative maintenance is a key component of saving money on your heating and cooling costs but it has a multitude of other benefits as well. A well maintenance HVAC system will provide improved air quality within your home. Sustained maintenance saves you money while simultaneously helping the environment. According to the New York Times air conditioning use in the US accounts for about 100 million tons of carbon dioxide expelled into the atmosphere every year! This not insignificant number continues to rise year over year further contributing to rising levels of air pollution.

Outdoor Air Condition Preventative Maintenance

Outdoor air condition preventative maintenance begins with the basics by clearing any dirt, leaves, and other debris from inside and around the unit. Next check around the unit to make sure there are no restricted drain openings that may be limiting you’re a/c’s air intake.  For the more technological savvy homeowners who can open the unit check the coil and cabinet for any obstruction or issues. Check the fan motor and fan blades for wear and lubricate as necessary depending on the age of the a/c unit. If you do not or cannot access the inside of the outdoor air condition unit we recommend you call your local Sarasota a/c repair specialists for your air condition preventative maintenance.

Indoor Air Condition Preventative Maintenance

Indoor air condition preventative maintenance is a little more layman friendly. The first step we recommend is to clean or replace the air filters. This piece of equipment is the first line of defense against poor a/c performance and even worse indoor air quality. Check your thermostat settings and lines to ensure an uninterrupted connection to the rest of the air condition unit. Next check the housing for lint and debris and clean s needed. And lastly inspect the ductwork for leaks and weaknesses and fix as necessary.

Need professional help with your air condition preventative maintenance? Reach out to Modern Air & Refrigeration your local Sarasota HVAC system specialists 24/7 at (941) 727-0330 or send us a quick message.