Walk-in Cooler Shopping Checklist

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Walk-in Cooler ShoppingSo it’s time to invest in a walk-in cooler. How do you approach this undertaking with care to ensure you pick the right cooler for your needs? Modern Air and Refrigeration has corralled a list you must check in your walk-in cooler shopping checklist. A new cooler is a huge investment in your business and so requires care and attention to properly pick the right cooler for your needs. We will explore the various options that may inform your decision and remove some of the anxiety that may be associated with a new capital purchase such as this for your business.

Walk-in Cooler Shopping Temperature Needs

At its most basic level, a walk-in cooler is a large insulated box with a cooling system attached. A cooler is different from a freezer in the range of temperatures it reaches. Walk-in refrigerators generally keep and hold food at or just below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, the more intensive walk-in coolers or freezers can keep food frozen at or near 0 degrees Fahrenheit. There are variations on the market depending on the manufacturer you choose for your purchase. Your walk-in cooler shopping choice will depend on your needs as well as the infrastructure of the space you plan on putting your cooler in.

Energy Consumption Concerns

Your walk-in cooler shopping decision will most likely start with size. The biggest difference maker is the unit’s size depending on your cooling requirements. The next most important factor is energy consumption. This component will affect your electric bills for the entirety of your ownership of the unit. Assuming all other factors are the same the efficiency of your unit in terms of energy use will dramatically affect the initial cost. But these costs need to be evaluated with the savings over time from lower electric bills taken into account. Additionally, for the environmentally conscious shopper, energy efficiency is a keystone requirement.

Maintenance Costs

Among the various considerations to take into account on your walk-in cooler shopping adventure are maintenance costs. Next to energy consumption, this is the next variable cost that will change depending on your day to day operations. Maintenance costs in order of frequency range from cleaning the unit to sanitizing it to fixing any mechanical issues that may arise. This is another area where initial outlay in terms of cost will save you money in the long run. Not all walk-in coolers are made the same. High-quality coolers will cost more than their lower quality in the initial cost but will drain your wallet in the long term. It’s up to you as a business owner to decide on the priorities of your purchase depending on your budget.

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