3 Ways to Lose Your HVAC Warranty

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Hvac WarrantyWe rely on warranties to save us on hefty costs when things go wrong. Your HVAC system is no different. As a major cost, most HVAC systems come with a warranty for parts, repairs, faulty equipment, and others. Your HVAC warranty will vary depending on your manufacturer and the installing contractor. It behooves every owner to ensure that they are in compliance with their warranty requirements at all times in case any issues arise with their system. Modern Air & Refrigeration will outline today the top three pitfalls of an HVAC warranty.

Failure to Register HVAC Warranty

The last thing in your mind after finally getting that new AC is the paperwork required to register your unit. To this day a significant amount of buyers assume a warranty starts automatically with their purchase. This is not true. Most warranties, especially manufacturers, require you to register your unit within their system. In days past this included filling out a form in your HVAC system’s guide and mailing it to the appropriate address. These days registering your HVAC warranty is as simple as logging in online to your unit’s manufacturer and filling out an instant form. Take the time to do this and save yourself a huge amount of heartache in the future.

Maintenance Disqualification

It is now a commonly required component of any HVAC warranty that at a minimum yearly maintenance must be perform on your system. This is due diligence on the provider to ensure any issues you may have are not caused by lack of monitoring on your end. The key component of this requirement is that it much be documented and proved were it so requested by the warranty provider. Much like your car’s oil change record, it pays to keep your maintenance records, not only for your own paperwork but in case you may need it to call in your warranty.

Unlicensed Help

This last snare of an HVAC warranty is more known the previous two. However, sometimes to save a buck or two or even due to budgetary limits many a system owner engage the services of unlicensed contractors. The list of unlicensed contractors includes the home or business owner themselves as they believe they can fix their own HVAC problem. The issue isn’t the ease of resolving the problem you may be experiencing; the issue is doing so improperly and causing bigger problems to your system. For this reason most HVAC warranties forbid the use of unlicensed contractors for maintenance.

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