Residential AC Repair and Service

Modern Air Conditioning, Residential Sales and ServiceLiving in Florida, you know there are few things in your home that adds to your quality of life more than your central air conditioning system. Your air conditioning cools, dehumidifies and also filters the air circulating through your home. Where do we fit in? Our North American Technicians Excellence, Inc. (NATE) certified professional technicians can insure you have the proper AC unit installed in your home so it can run efficiently and maintain your desired climate. We can also help you keep your AC unit properly serviced so it continues to operate correctly. And if something goes wrong we are your experienced Sarasota area air conditioning repair experts who will respond quickly and get your air conditioning system running smoothly again. We serve Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Anna Maria, Longboat Key, Siesta Key and surrounding areas so give us a call today!

Air Conditioning Repair

You’ve changed your filters regularly, you’ve had your unit serviced routinely, and at the worst possible time… your air conditioning unit breaks down. You need a company you can trust to quickly respond, properly diagnose your issue, and efficiently repair your air conditioning in Sarasota. Our team of professional technicians are North American Technicians Excellence, Inc. (NATE) certified, which means they are recognized as meeting the highest industry standards for installation and service of HVAC equipment and systems. Our professionals have the experience and training to get it right the first time during every home air conditioning repair job in Sarasota.

Air Conditioning Service

Did you know your air conditioner loses approximately 5% of its original efficiency for each year of its operation? Just as you should routinely check and change the oil in your car, you need to make sure you have a qualified AC company monitor and service your AC system. Routine maintenance helps keep your energy bills down, prolongs the life of your unit, and improves the quality of the air circulating through your home.

As part of our routine AC service we will:

  • clean the condensing unit coils
  • check the amp draw of the compressor
  • treat and clean the indoor coils and drain pan in place
  • oil the fan motors
  • check that belts are well adjusted
  • check the system operating pressures and temperatures against the manufacturer’s specifications
  • check the refrigerant level (commonly know as Freon)
  • change or clean your filter if required

UV Light Purifier

Did you know that a UV Light Purifier can be installed in your home’s HVAC system to minimize the allergens that breed in your filtration and duct system? Indoor air pollutants such as harmful bacteria, viruses, yeast, and mold is a major cause of respiratory illnesses according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Ask us about installing a UV Light Purifier on your AC system.

Residential AC Service Energy Savings Agreement

Take advantage of our Energy Savings Agreement so you keep your system running efficiently, and if something does go wrong we will be there quick. With our special Energy Savings Agreement you get:

  • Routine service calls
  • Saturday Performance Tune-Ups when scheduled in advance
  • 10% Discount on all Parts & Labor
  • Priority service (your needs come first)
  • No Overtime Charges

Air Conditioning Installation

If you’re purchasing a new air conditioning system you need to make sure you have an experienced air conditioning installation company in Sarasota who can advise you on which system you should buy. Air conditioning units are designed for many different capacities and you need to factor in energy-efficiency to control the cost of heating and cooling your home. Modern Air and Refrigeration will help you choose the best unit that is suitable for your environment.

Residential Duct Cleaning

Breathe Clean Air Again

Modern Air Conditioning, Residential Sales and Service

  • State of the art HVAC cleaning system
  • Thorough before and after inspectations
  • Environmentally safe anti-microbial disenfectant to prevent mold regrowth
  • Ductwork damage guarantee included!
  • Work area cleaned after service

Modern Air & Refrigeration offers complete home duct cleaning, which includes a state of the art HVAC cleaning system that power-brushes and vacuums at the same time. There is no need to worry about your registers and grills, because they are scrubbed clean also. To top it off the entire HVAC system is sprayed down with an anti-microbial disinfectant. This disinfectant is an environmentally safe mold retardant and sanitizer, which minimizes the regrowth of organic components and is commonly used in nursing homes and hospitals where air quality is critical. Ductwork damage guarantee included.

Call us today to get your free duct cleaning estimate.
* Ask about our duct sealing and testing!

Geo Thermal Installation

Modern Air & Refrigeration is your one stop source for Geo Thermal Installation
In contrast to the more familiar air-source heat pump, which exchanges warmth and cold with outside air, a Geo Thermal System takes advantage of the constant underground temperature of relatively shallow earth. The ground at depths below the frost line maintains such a stable temperature that geothermal systems are up to three times as efficient as air-source heat pumps, especially during the extreme temperatures in the summer or winter months.

We at Modern Air and Refrigeration recognize the demand for energy efficiency and that’s why we have partnered with Bosch as an Authorized Geo-Thermal dealer. It is our pleasure to take energy efficiency to the next level with the state of the art installation of a new Geo Thermal Heat Pump system into your home. Contact us today for more information or a free in home evaluation and estimate.