Top 3 HVAC Contract Red Flags

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HVAC contract

The word contract evokes feelings of dread and fear in the hearts of many homeowners and business owners. An HVAC contract is no different. The pros of entering into an HVAC contract are numerous. But the cons are just as pervasive. Modern Air and Refrigeration has curated a list of the top three HVAC contract red flags you should look for before signing on that bottom line. Use this list to protect your business or wallet from unwarranted fees that don’t translate into more services.

One-Page HVAC Contract Nightmare

This first HVAC contract red flag is a sneaky one. One-page contracts fulfill the need for many a consumer for simple terms. An easy to manage outline of all the commitments a contract consists of sounds like a good idea but in reality, is a terrible idea. A contract should disclose all pertinent details to its practical applications. A complicated service like air conditioning cannot be condensed down into one page. An HVAC contract should cover terms like customer service, service calls, holidays, and extra costs. It’s imperative that you do not experience any surprises in terms of costs or service during your contractual timeline. That would be contradictory to the entire purpose of a contract.

The Small Print Gambit

If you listen closely, at the end of a drug commercial on TV, you’ll hear a succession of warnings being quickly announced before the end of the commercial. The small print is the HVAC contract equivalent of that. Unscrupulous HVAC contractors will sneak in terms and conditions in small print that sometimes run counter to the previously stated regular-sized words of the contract. They include ifs and buts that may reduce or in some cases eliminate the services you are expecting from the contract. For that reason, Modern Air and Refrigeration, recommends you take time to review even the smallest print of your agreement or even request an even printed contract if possible from your HVAC contractor.

Legal Jargon Obfuscation

The last HVAC contract red flag may seem obvious but is an atypical feature of any regular service contract. If you’re running into an influx of words such as “notwithstanding”, “contrary herein”, and so on you might be at the wrong end of a dishonest agreement. Service contracts by the nature of the service they offer should be written in plain language. After all how complicated can you make when and how much you should charge for a service call? Be on the lookout for unprincipled HVAC contractors who hope to confuse you into signing an ineffective HVAC contract.

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