Top 3 Air Conditioning Winter Energy Saving Tips

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Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter is upon us! Those heating bills should be hitting the bank account right about now for most Sarasota residents. It’s time to fight back with Modern Air & Refrigeration’s top 3 air conditioning winter energy savings tips in 2018. Before we even get started we highly recommend you schedule an air condition tune-up to give these tips the best chance to succeed. Without a checkup, your HVAC might already be fighting against any improvements you try to reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Winter Energy Saving Tip #1: Window Treatments

It’s insulation time! Your windows are the most exposed areas of your home to the outside world. One of the first lines of defense against the cold sapping away at the heat your HVAC unit is producing is window treatments. Specifically, you want tight-fitting covers, insulating drapes or shades that cover the entirety of the window. Don’t want to break your budget with expensive window treatment options? A simple clear plastic sheet or plastic film can be added to the inside of your windows for extra insulation during the colder months. These easy to add options can just as easily be removed when the weather warms up to encourage airflow.

Winter Energy Saving Tip #2: The Temperature

This air conditioning winter energy saving tip comes down to personal preference. When you are at home and awake set your thermostat as low as is comfortable. Some homeowners even put on sweaters to keep the temperature setting as low as they can get it. When you leave the home or go to bed turn down your thermostat up to 10 degrees lower as your home does not need as much heat during these periods of time. A programmable thermostat that does this for you automatically is a great investment for any homeowner looking to lower their heating costs.

Winter Energy Saving Tip #3: Plug Those Leaks

The silent culprit that plagues many a home heating bills comes in the form of leaks. Leaks are not a fix once and done issue when it comes to further insulating your home. It is recommended by the US Department of Energy that you check your home for leaks at least once a year. New or old leaks may pop up over time in your home causing your heating costs to skyrocket inexplicably. Check your pipes, chimney gaps, recessed lights, doors, and windows. Door and windows especially should have caulk or weatherstripping along the edges.

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