Hiring an HVAC Contractor: 3 Crucial Steps

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HVAC ContractorYour heating and cooling system is a critical component of your home. It is an expensive investment you want to be done right and done right the first time. For these and a myriad of other reasons, homeowners experience strong feelings of trepidation when it comes to choosing an HVAC contractor. But never fear Modern Air & Refrigeration of Sarasota is here to help! We put together a list of 3 crucial steps you can’t afford to skip on your hunt for a reliable heating and cooling provider.

Check HVAC Contractor Experience

The first step of any HVAC contractor search for smart homeowners should be company experience checking. This is the time to check on the age of the company. All things being equal the longer a business has been operating the more trustworthy it is in terms of staying power. Services that leave something to be desired are shunned and eventually close. This is not to say company age is indicative of the quality of service but it’s a good sign as a component of the reliability of their services.

HVAC Contractor Credentials

The next step in your HVAC contractor search is essential to ensuring you don’t make the wrong choice. HVAC contractors are vetted by several rating agencies that specialize on the quality of service provided. The North American Technician Excellence or NATE is one such agency. They are a national organization that provides certifications for individual technicians based on tests. Parameters are based on agreed-upon components by participants in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry.

Reviews and Testimonies

The last pivotal step in an HVAC contractor hunt is checking for client reviews. We highly recommend this step as previous customers are going to be your best bet when it comes to measuring the recent quality of services provided by the contractor you are researching. Reviews can be found on Google, Facebook, and other sources by searching for the company’s name. Look for specific technician names if you can find them, name callouts are usually a good indication of stellar service.

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