Summer Air Conditioning Preparation

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Summer Air ConditioningYour heating and cooling needs between winter and summer are different for not only you but your HVAC system as well. Proper summer air conditioning preparation will have your AC humming along without a hitch during the sweltering Florida summer. Modern Air & Refrigeration of Sarasota has put together a list of must-dos to prepare your home for the summer air. Our tips will save you money while prolonging your HVAC unit’s life.

Fans are Your Friends

Your first weapon in summer air conditioning preparation is going to be your fans. Check all fans around the house for proper operation after their long winter break from being used. Fans are essential to fighting the summer heat as they help air circulation and cool the air in your home. Although they do not change the temperature in your home, they make it feel cooler when you’re in their presence. Do a quick check on your fans and take this time to give them a cleaning as well. Dust, pollen and other particulates might have collected on the wings from non-use.

Your Windows to the World

The summer air is not all bad. Temperatures tend to rise during the day and drop during the night. Your summer air conditioning preparation can take advantage of this by using your blinds and drapes to your advantage. First, seal any air leaks around your windows to give your AC a chance to operate at optimal levels while reducing your cooling costs. Second, close your windows and blinds during the hottest part of the day. This will limit your exposure to direct heat from outside. Thirdly, consider opening your windows when nighttime hits and temperatures drop.

Schedule Summer Air Conditioning Maintenance

The sure-fire way to get your summer air conditioning game up to par is to have a professional perform an HVAC maintenance. Your local Sarasota AC contractor should be able to tell you what you need to do in order to get your AC operating at ideal levels. This might include usage recommendations as well as any necessary upgrades to your system. The Department of Energy estimates that on average home cooling accounts for 6% of the average American home’s energy use. A simple maintenance appointment might help you reign in some of the costs associated with the increase in energy use the summer month represent.

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