3 Key Questions to Save Money on an Air Conditioning Estimate

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air conditioning estimateThe process of buying a new air conditioning unit for your home can be an arduous one fraught with a million things to check, and sometimes double check. Modern Air & Refrigeration believes the air conditioning estimate process should be a simple and straightforward affair. There are too many factors that go into choosing what air conditioner is going to be a good fit for your home and budget to cover in one article. But we’ve compiled a list of the crucial three questions you must ask your HVAC contractor to ensure you make a smart purchasing decision.

Can Current Ductwork Be Used?

A significant part of your home’s AC system is the ductwork. It’s significant in not only your AC’s proper operation but in cost as well. This makes it a very important issue to raise during your air conditioning estimate conversations. Not all ductwork is created equal but if you are a homeowner who is diligent about keeping your ductwork in good shape then there shouldn’t be a reason why you should need a completely new ductwork system with your new AC. Ask your HVAC contractor for a system that is compatible with your current ductwork if possible.

Are There Any New Technologies to Consider?

The AC world changes fast while home air conditioning installations are made to last. New technologies such as ductless systems, smart heating/cooling features, and upgraded accessories are hitting the market on a regular basis. These new features are aimed at saving you money while adding more functionality to your HVAC system. Make sure to mention or ask about any new technologies that might be a good fit for your home during the air conditioning estimate procedure.

Are There Any Rebates or Tax Credits Available?

AC manufactures as well as the government have a significant interest in saving you money on your new air conditioner purchase. Manufacturers benefit from your selection of their products over competitors and the government benefits from homeowners investing in their homes and therefore the economy. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of rebates that your AC contractor should be able to guide you on. The US government makes it more convenient to find tax credits with an online directory of current tax credits based on the year. That information can be found at the following link. The best source for both of these options to save money, of course, is going to be your choose HVAC provider as part of your air conditioning estimate.

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