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Air Conditioning Service

Did you know your air conditioner loses approximately 5% of its original efficiency for each year of its operation? Just as you should routinely check and change the oil in your car, you need to make sure you have a qualified AC company monitor and service your AC system. Routine maintenance helps keep your energy bills down, prolongs the life of your unit, and improves the quality of the air circulating through your home.

As part of our routine AC service we will:

  • clean the condensing unit coils
  • check the amp draw of the compressor
  • treat and clean the indoor coils and drain pan in place
  • oil the fan motors
  • check that belts are well adjusted
  • check the system operating pressures and temperatures against the manufacturer’s specifications
  • check the refrigerant level (commonly know as Freon)
  • change or clean your filter if required