Modern Air &Refrigeration Testimonials

Based in Sarasota, FL, Modern Air & Refrigeration is a local leader in Air Conditioning repair, maintenance and replacement for your home and business.


Here’s a selection of reviews from current and past clients:

“The technician that came to my house last night was outstanding. I had a leak in one of my vents and he didn’t give up until he found the origin of the leak, which was actually coming from my upstairs neighbor’s apartment. Fortunately she was still up and is a good friend of mine and allowed him to go into her apt. and investigate. He found the leak and fixed it, which took a considerable amount of time and detective work. All the while he was polite and considerate and a pleasure to deal with. Both my neighbor and I are relieved to know that this problem was taken care of in an efficient and skillful manner which avoided what could have become a major problem.” – Ruth F.


“Our experience couldn’t have been better. Knowledgeable, polite, efficient – even wore booties when they had to come in the house. Hooked us up temporarily on Friday night so that we’d have a/c till Monday when they installed the new a/c. Would strongly recommend Modern Air to anyone. Michael Todd was our contact and he was fantastic. We’ve had 5 homes in 3 different states, over 48 years and we’ve never come across such a well qualified company. It was a pleasure doing business with them.” – Frank I.

It has been a joy from the beginning, almost three years ago now when we chose Modern Air to install our new AC, to this very day. They’re professional all the way! They come when they say they will. They are courteous, efficient and they stick by their customers. They cover their feet when entering the home, and are pleasant but serious about their work. I followed the old adage and got three estimates. Modern Air’s estimate was extremely competitive. It was important to get a fair price, and I feel that I got a more than fair price, but I received more than that. I have a top quality AC, installed by top quality technicians who are there to more than please the customer. We are so happy with our choice! We made a great one! ” – Ellen O. 


“These guys are a great team! Anytime the restaurant needs something they are right there to fix it. FAST AND FAIR PRICED! Thanks guys!” – Dave G.


“The staff is friendly! If I have any issues I can get a pretty straight forward answer!” – Aaron W.


“Always there for us business and personal THANKS! I have been a customer of Brett’s for over 12 years.” – Daniel T. M.


“From the first phone call until the final inspection Modern Air did a wonderful job they were total professionals… and worked around my schedule..
Thank you all for your help!” – Kimberly M.


“The agent who came to my house was knowledgeable, an excellent teacher proficient and fast. Rates were fare. I would definitely recommend them again” – Victor F.


Love Love Love my new A/C unit!!!! Brett went above and beyond to accommodate us with our new install. The technicians were knowledgeable and were very professional and efficient. This wasn’t a drop in installation, but it came out beautiful. I now have an honest A/C company that I will be using again in the future!!!” – Debbie G.


“Called on Saturday at 3:00pm, Mike arrived at 6:00pm and fixed my AC problem!!! Great response time and great customer service…thank you!!!” – Mark B.


“Thank you for showing professionalism, taking your time to evaluate the situation and fixing it quickly! I recommend this company 100%” – Patricia D.


As a small restaurant owner, one of the most important things we look for from a service company is response time. We literally can’t afford to have down time on a refrigerator. Modern Air not only got a tech out to inspect our unit within 2 hours but he also prioritized our need to get us up and running within 4 hours. We saved money by calling Modern Air & Refrigeration!!! Thanks for the outstanding service..” – Jason B. 


For your very own hassle free HVAC experience call Modern Air and Refrigeration’s 24/7 line at (941) 727-0330 or send us a quick message.

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