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HVAC Service Technician Wanted!

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HVAC Service Technician Wanted!

HVAC service technicianAre you an HVAC service technician looking to join one of the fastest growing HVAC providers in Sarasota? Modern Air & Refrigeration is looking for an HVAC/R service technician to join our team of service superstars. We offer top wages and benefits to our employees with support and a clear path to achieve your maximum potential. Our team exists in the rarefied air, soaring among Eagles.

The Modern Air Difference

We know how to appreciate good employees. We provide numerous commission & bonus opportunities to make above average pay, on-call rotation every 4th week, year round work, company sponsored tool purchase/replacement program, continuing education programs and regular training, apprenticeship program, alternative insurance programs, group health insurance, retirement plan, vacation, paid holidays and a lot more. A Modern Air HVAC service technician is a happy technician.

HVAC Service Technician Expectations

We expect our HVAC service technician to be competent, attentive to details, and customer oriented. Our lead technician applicants must have a minimum of 5 years of light commercial air conditioning experience. Good record keeping and paperwork completion is a vital part of this job. Accountability is important to your success as a member of the Modern Air & Refrigeration team. We are dealers for Trane, York, Carrier, Manitowoc, True and Hoshizaki brands. We are warranty service providers for these and many more.

HVAC Service Technician Qualifications

As a Modern Air & Refrigeration HVAC service technician, you will be expected to conform to our strict Drug-Free Workplace policy. Benefits become active after a 90-day probationary period. NATE certification is not required but would be helpful. We have great opportunities for advancement as we continue to grow. We pay based upon talent, ability and verifiable experience to ensure fair compensation.

Are you ready to apply to be a Modern Air & Refrigeration HVAC service technician? Check out our current open positions here. Feel free to give us a call at (941) 727-0330 or send us a quick message here as well.

Bradenton Commercial Ice Machine Service

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Bradenton Commercial Ice Machine Service

Bradenton commercial ice machineModern Air and Refrigeration has been the go-to Bradenton ice machine service provider for 17 years! Our experience with installing, servicing, and managing ice machines extends from commercial needs of all types to unique one-time requirements. Modern Air prides itself in providing not only on-time solutions to your ice machine needs but to doing so using efficient, top of the line solutions.

Bradenton Commercial Ice Machine Subscription Service

Modern Air & Refrigeration offers a one-of-kind Bradenton commercial ice machine service that goes above and beyond for any of our members. We offer our subscription service on both long term and short term month to month formats giving your business more options on keeping your ice machine running smoothly. Subscription includes installation, repairs, and regular maintenance. Our goal is to keep your focus on your business and not on any unnecessary equipment problems. We know how important ice is to you so we guaranteed service within six hours or we’ll bring the ice to you!

Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance

Your Bradenton commercial ice machine deservers the best care possible. With this in mind, Modern Air has a specific program to keep your machine humming along. Our maintenance program includes a Max Clean Service once yearly, as well as a Maintenance Clean Service every three months. The Maintenance Clean Service includes a written report to keep you apprised of your ice machine’s performance and needs. Recommendations include repairs, water filter replacements and others. We offer discounts to get any service recommendation done as soon as possible.

Bradenton Commercial Ice Machine Sales

In our drive to continually provide with the best Bradenton commercial ice machine service, we offer the top-of-the-line Hoshizaki ice machines. We are a factory authorized Hoshizaki Dealer and a Hoshizaki Certified Service Representative (HCSR). Our technicians are factory trained and certified for warranty repairs as well. We service and repair all brands of commercial and industrial ice machines and are trained and warranty authorized for all popular brands. We stock parts for most any brand or problem.

Do you need commercial ice machine service in Bradenton or the surrounding area? Call Modern Air and Refrigeration directly at (941) 727-0330 or send us a quick message here.

3 Ways to Lose Your HVAC Warranty

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3 Ways to Lose Your HVAC Warranty

Hvac WarrantyWe rely on warranties to save us on hefty costs when things go wrong. Your HVAC system is no different. As a major cost, most HVAC systems come with a warranty for parts, repairs, faulty equipment, and others. Your HVAC warranty will vary depending on your manufacturer and the installing contractor. It behooves every owner to ensure that they are in compliance with their warranty requirements at all times in case any issues arise with their system. Modern Air & Refrigeration will outline today the top three pitfalls of an HVAC warranty.

Failure to Register HVAC Warranty

The last thing in your mind after finally getting that new AC is the paperwork required to register your unit. To this day a significant amount of buyers assume a warranty starts automatically with their purchase. This is not true. Most warranties, especially manufacturers, require you to register your unit within their system. In days past this included filling out a form in your HVAC system’s guide and mailing it to the appropriate address. These days registering your HVAC warranty is as simple as logging in online to your unit’s manufacturer and filling out an instant form. Take the time to do this and save yourself a huge amount of heartache in the future.

Maintenance Disqualification

It is now a commonly required component of any HVAC warranty that at a minimum yearly maintenance must be perform on your system. This is due diligence on the provider to ensure any issues you may have are not caused by lack of monitoring on your end. The key component of this requirement is that it much be documented and proved were it so requested by the warranty provider. Much like your car’s oil change record, it pays to keep your maintenance records, not only for your own paperwork but in case you may need it to call in your warranty.

Unlicensed Help

This last snare of an HVAC warranty is more known the previous two. However, sometimes to save a buck or two or even due to budgetary limits many a system owner engage the services of unlicensed contractors. The list of unlicensed contractors includes the home or business owner themselves as they believe they can fix their own HVAC problem. The issue isn’t the ease of resolving the problem you may be experiencing; the issue is doing so improperly and causing bigger problems to your system. For this reason most HVAC warranties forbid the use of unlicensed contractors for maintenance.

Do you have more questions about your HVAC warranty? Call Modern Air and Refrigeration’s 24/7 line at (941) 404-7557 or send us a quick message for an immediate response.

Walk-in Cooler Shopping Checklist

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Walk-in Cooler Shopping Checklist

Walk-in Cooler ShoppingSo it’s time to invest in a walk-in cooler. How do you approach this undertaking with care to ensure you pick the right cooler for your needs? Modern Air and Refrigeration has corralled a list you must check in your walk-in cooler shopping checklist. A new cooler is a huge investment in your business and so requires care and attention to properly pick the right cooler for your needs. We will explore the various options that may inform your decision and remove some of the anxiety that may be associated with a new capital purchase such as this for your business.

Walk-in Cooler Shopping Temperature Needs

At its most basic level, a walk-in cooler is a large insulated box with a cooling system attached. A cooler is different from a freezer in the range of temperatures it reaches. Walk-in refrigerators generally keep and hold food at or just below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, the more intensive walk-in coolers or freezers can keep food frozen at or near 0 degrees Fahrenheit. There are variations on the market depending on the manufacturer you choose for your purchase. Your walk-in cooler shopping choice will depend on your needs as well as the infrastructure of the space you plan on putting your cooler in.

Energy Consumption Concerns

Your walk-in cooler shopping decision will most likely start with size. The biggest difference maker is the unit’s size depending on your cooling requirements. The next most important factor is energy consumption. This component will affect your electric bills for the entirety of your ownership of the unit. Assuming all other factors are the same the efficiency of your unit in terms of energy use will dramatically affect the initial cost. But these costs need to be evaluated with the savings over time from lower electric bills taken into account. Additionally, for the environmentally conscious shopper, energy efficiency is a keystone requirement.

Maintenance Costs

Among the various considerations to take into account on your walk-in cooler shopping adventure are maintenance costs. Next to energy consumption, this is the next variable cost that will change depending on your day to day operations. Maintenance costs in order of frequency range from cleaning the unit to sanitizing it to fixing any mechanical issues that may arise. This is another area where initial outlay in terms of cost will save you money in the long run. Not all walk-in coolers are made the same. High-quality coolers will cost more than their lower quality in the initial cost but will drain your wallet in the long term. It’s up to you as a business owner to decide on the priorities of your purchase depending on your budget.

Do you need help finding an affordable walk-in cooler in Bradenton? Call Modern Air and Refrigeration’s 24/7 line at (941) 727-0330 or send us a quick message for an immediate response.

Top 3 HVAC Contract Red Flags

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Top 3 HVAC Contract Red Flags

HVAC contract

The word contract evokes feelings of dread and fear in the hearts of many homeowners and business owners. An HVAC contract is no different. The pros of entering into an HVAC contract are numerous. But the cons are just as pervasive. Modern Air and Refrigeration has curated a list of the top three HVAC contract red flags you should look for before signing on that bottom line. Use this list to protect your business or wallet from unwarranted fees that don’t translate into more services.

One-Page HVAC Contract Nightmare

This first HVAC contract red flag is a sneaky one. One-page contracts fulfill the need for many a consumer for simple terms. An easy to manage outline of all the commitments a contract consists of sounds like a good idea but in reality, is a terrible idea. A contract should disclose all pertinent details to its practical applications. A complicated service like air conditioning cannot be condensed down into one page. An HVAC contract should cover terms like customer service, service calls, holidays, and extra costs. It’s imperative that you do not experience any surprises in terms of costs or service during your contractual timeline. That would be contradictory to the entire purpose of a contract.

The Small Print Gambit

If you listen closely, at the end of a drug commercial on TV, you’ll hear a succession of warnings being quickly announced before the end of the commercial. The small print is the HVAC contract equivalent of that. Unscrupulous HVAC contractors will sneak in terms and conditions in small print that sometimes run counter to the previously stated regular-sized words of the contract. They include ifs and buts that may reduce or in some cases eliminate the services you are expecting from the contract. For that reason, Modern Air and Refrigeration, recommends you take time to review even the smallest print of your agreement or even request an even printed contract if possible from your HVAC contractor.

Legal Jargon Obfuscation

The last HVAC contract red flag may seem obvious but is an atypical feature of any regular service contract. If you’re running into an influx of words such as “notwithstanding”, “contrary herein”, and so on you might be at the wrong end of a dishonest agreement. Service contracts by the nature of the service they offer should be written in plain language. After all how complicated can you make when and how much you should charge for a service call? Be on the lookout for unprincipled HVAC contractors who hope to confuse you into signing an ineffective HVAC contract.

Stop dealing with untrustworthy HVAC contractors. Call Modern Air and Refrigeration’s 24/7 line at (941) 404-7557 or send us a quick message for an immediate response.