Modern Ice – Ice Machine Subscription Service

A Constant, Reliable Supply of Clean Ice

Modern Ice is your best source in Sarasota for clean ice. Only the best maintained commercial ice machines, storage bins, dispensers and accessories for a constant supply of ice.

  • No Capital Investment – and no long term ice machine lease or contract to sign
  • Maintenance Free – our trained staff handles all service
  • Worry Free – you’ll never run out of ice
  • Risk Free – as your needs change, we modify your subscription
  • Delivered with personal service and professional training

Investment Free with no Long Term Contract!

Commercial Ice is the largest local Sarasota provider for month-to-month subscriptions for Sarasota’s commercial ice machines. The company’s large volume generates great prices for your requirements; our hometown place of business provides your Sarasota business exceptional customer care. The Commercial Ice subscription plan is the revolutionary, better alternative to a purchase or expensive lease.

A Modern Air & Refrigeration ice subscription includes:

  • Ice machine
  • Ice bins and/or ice dispensers
  • Water filter system

Commercial Ice offers all of this for just a low monthly cost depending on the amount of ice you need per day. This can be your stated requirement or we can help in the selection with a formula based on your sales volume, persons per day or meal, your business hours, etc. There is no purchase of equipment or even a long term agreement to sign. A Commercial Ice subscription now is consistent, adaptable, and consequently surprise-free.

Repairs and Maintenance Are Free!

Commercial Ice members take on total operational responsibility for your Sarasota commercial ice machines/dispensers/bins: all at zero extra expense to your account.

We’re going to offer:

  • Professional Installation
  • Sanitizing, Cleaning and Preventive Maintenance, Included
  • Water Filter Replacements, Free
  • Repairs, Fast& Free
  • Free ice if your machine ever breaks down

Eliminate unexpected repair bills or even weekend overtime charges. If there is ever a problem with a Commercial Ice machine just call the phone number right on the machine, and we will quickly take care of the rest. We’ll install the new machine right away and haul off the old equipment for recycling. We just need electricity, water supply and a drain nearby. We bring everything needed on the first trip and we usually are finished within 2-3 hours. Every Commercial Ice subscription is Problem Free!

Guaranteed Ice Supply from The Best Names in Commercial Ice Machines!

You have our best guarantee with the Commercial Ice Subscription. Should you call us needing service for one of your Sarasota commercial ice machines, we guarantee ice back in your ice bin in just two-to-six hours of your phone call. If your machine isn’t repaired or replaced within 6 hours, we will deliver ice to you bin for FREE. In addition, these deliveries will continue as long as your Commercial Ice machine remains under repair. Sarasota businesses depend on Commercial Ice every day to keep the ice coming.

Zero Risk!

Your month-to-month subscription by Commercial Ice is Flexible and Risk Free!

  • If your business circumstances shift, we will increase or decrease your subscription. We can re-install larger or smaller commercial ice machines, bins and ice dispensers one time a year without an additional setup charge. You have total flexibility to satisfy the evolving requirements of your Sarasota business.
  • There is no long term contract for your subscription. In fact you can stop your month-to-month subscription with only 30-days notice. Give us a try, you haven’t anything to lose.A subscription now with Commercial Ice is based on the need for Ice, not a need to own a machine. You just need a reliable supply of clean ice without the responsibility of maintain a complex machine. You should be able to adjust your needs easily and Commercial Ice is the answer.

The Best Made Ice Machines For You!

We provide Hoshizaki commercial ice machines to Sarasota businesses which range in size starting from150 up to 1800 pounds per day. Most machines over 500lbs are also available in “remote” configuration. This means the heat is rejected outdoors via a remote condenser section. This configuration saves a lot of energy used on air conditioning and keeps the room cooler.

These models are used with ice bins, soda fountain dispensers, and hotel ice dispensers in addition to the ice-and-water dispensers. We also have available under-counter ice machines equipped with built-in bins.

All ice machines include a water filtration system for the highest quality ice possible. These high quality filters are routinely serviced by our trained staff.

Subscriptions are offered for ice bins, which range in capacities from 250 pounds through 900 pounds. In addition, if you require a dispenser, we’ve got whatever your Sarasota business needs.

Proven Customer Support!

Our commitment to excellent customer support shows in our experienced staff members. Our 24/7 service department is always there when you need us. We are able to also furnish peak sales ice to your special functions at competitive market prices.

Ice Machine Subscription Service