Ice Machine Max Clean Service

Usually done once annually. Remove ice from the bin and save in our sanitized ice barrels. Machine is disassembled per factory procedures, and parts are soaked in sanitizer while we chemical wash the compressor and condenser coil sections. We scrub and rinse machine cabinet surfaces including the bottom of the machine, inside storage bin and all showing exterior surfaces. Small rusted areas are treated and painted. The evaporator is scrubbed with the appropriate chemical as to not damage the plating on some evaporators. The machine is then reassembled. The circulating cleaning process is now done once with nickel-safe ice machine cleaner (or Lime Away if Hoshizaki) then with sanitizer. The machine is then tested and timed for production capacity. The saved ice is returned to the clean bin (or anywhere you want it) and a written report with suggestions is provided. This job can take up to 5 hours depending upon conditions and machine size.

Max Clean Service