Ice Machine Maintenance Program

Clean sanitary ice when you want it

Keep your ice machine clean and running. Our program includes our detailed Max Clean Service (once annually) plus our Maintenance Clean Service (every 3 months) with our written report. You also get no overtime charges, 10% discounts on any repairs and parts you may need to keep your machine running well.

Water filter cartridge replacements are billed separately since there is a wide variance in filter costs. There is no extra labor charge for this while we are servicing the ice machine.

Save more on your program cost by combining this program with our AC or refrigeration program and save even more:

  • Combine all of your Ice Machines, all refrigeration systems and all AC systems to get 10% off all program costs.
  • Combine all AC systems and Ice Machines to get 5% off of these program costs.
  • All programs can be customized for your unique situation. You can add more Dump & Cleans in high yeast environments as needed.
Is mold a problem for your ice machine? Yeast from bread and alcohol can escalate these problems. Sometimes removing the machine from this environment is possible. Keep bin doors closed and floors dry. Installing a UV light usually helps when nothing else works.
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